Residential Surveying

Hartman and Associates, Inc. has provided Residential Surveying Services in Central Pennsylvania and the Greater Harrisburg Area, since 1954.   We have, for over five decades, worked on thousands of projects with individual property owners by providing cost effective solutions, quality work and jobs completed on time.

Ask about our Multiple Properties/Neighbors abutting properties pricing program. Contact us for more information or a quote. Residential Surveying Services we provide are as follows:


Boundary Survey
Hartman & Associates can perform these surveys in order to establish or re-establishing corner and boundary lines of your property. Ask about our Multiple Properties/Neighbors abutting properties pricing program.

Boundary Survey

Residential Land: Major and Minor Subdivisions
Lot splitting or subdividing, are everyday surveying occurrences performed by Hartman & Associates.
Residential Subdivision Land Survey

Lot Add-Ons
Property/Lot consolidation require this type of survey.
Lot Add-On Survey

Mortgage Surveys
For Closing purposes, lending institutions often require "lot line" and/or "other feature location" determination type surveys.
Mortgage Survey

FEMA Elevation Certificates
Property Flood Plane inclusion or insurance certification needs, require this type of survey.
FEMA Elevation Certification

Other Residential Surveys
Hartman and Associates routinely performs: Topographic, Building Expansion Setbacks - Decks, Patios, Critical Area Surveys (Steep Slope/Wetlands), Utility Right of Way and Easement Determinations, Unopened Right of Way Abandonment, Legal Descriptions and Easement Exhibits, Boundary Line Agreement Surveys.
Other Residential Surveys

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